Evolution Cubed is a game in which you are free to do anything you want, build houses, kill animals, destroy beautiful landscapes. Everything is just a block in this game including you and everything else, even the animals giving you a new perspective in games like these! Maybe find some villages and if you want to, kill them! and steal their stuff (evil laugh) and store it in a stone drawer, then explode it with TNT then light the cave with a lamp and go to sleep in your bed (Sweet Dreams).Also, say goodbye to 'Building Terrain' menus as Evolution does not even need one! And you know, you can't even drown because of you being a block, isn't that great? 

Also, there is an online multiplayer mode 'Empires' where a maximum of 50 people can play together! there is also automatic cloud storage so, you can go anywhere you want and still continue with your worlds, right where you left them, the game also has a light storage format so it does not clog up your device

How to get the game

Evolution Cubed is available on the App Store, Google Play and Facebook

Want to know something about Evolution?

Maybe something about Block packs, empires or mobs?