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Empires is a free Multiplayer gameplay where you can create your own or join 'empires' and build together with your friends or destroy your enemies and capture their lands.

Basically, you can claim land till a limit (for each person it is 15), after that the excess land can be claimed by someone else. The more the members in your empire the more power is added.

There are admins who moderate the server who can ban any cheaters or abusers (yes, abusing is forbidded). Currently there are 4 admins - infinitebaba, annabeth, ultrababa and unknown. Commands

All commands in Evolution Empires begin with a ' - '. They are -

  1. -create empirename : creates an empire with the specified name
  2. -join empirename : request to join the specified empire
  3. -accept playername : accept a person's request to join (works only if you're an admin in your empire)
  4. -leave : leave your empire
  5. -promote playername : promote a player to admin 
  6. -claim : claim the current chunk of land you are standing on, unclaimes the land if already claimed
  7. -stats empirename : get the claimed land of the empire specified and it's claimable land
  8. -sethome : sets your current position as your home
  9. -home : teleports you to your home
  10. -list empirename : get all the people in the empire specified